Listrak’s Single, Integrated Platform Drives Cross-Channel Revenue for EyeBuyDirect

EyeBuyDirect, a rapidly growing international eyeglasses retailer, was looking to consolidate its digital marketing tech stack in 2019. With the complexity, silos, and fragmented customer experience of using multiple providers, they decided to leave three vendors for a true partnership with Listrak and its single, integrated customer engagement platform.

This move brought together email, text message marketing, triggered campaigns, and the ability to orchestrate a true, cross-channel experience for their customers. EyeBuyDirect experienced immediate and exceptional growth on Listrak - seeing a 90% first-year revenue increase compared to their previous disparate providers.

Now, more than 4 years into a successful partnership, EyeBuyDirect continues to deliver and optimize a seamless, cross-channel experience for its customers. With ongoing guidance and collaboration from their dedicated Listrak team, they work to capitalize on the opportunity of the SMS channel and prioritize the power of their triggered campaigns, adding new and optimizing current ones (in email and SMS) to maximize performance and revenue. EyeBuyDirect achieves 40% average monthly revenue generated from these triggered messages.

Cross-channel marketing through Listrak’s integrated customer engagement platform empowers us to grow our business year after year.”
- Miguel Ramos, Digital Marketing Director at EyeBuyDirect


Increase in SMS Revenue YOY

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