Robust Mobile Program Drives Holiday Season Success

Cross-channel is an essential part of any retailer’s effective customer engagement strategy. But working with disparate providers can deliver a suboptimal program and limit your revenue potential.

This was clear to a retailer of home audio and stereo equipment who was running a successful email program with Listrak but a very limited SMS program with a point solution vendor. They knew fragmented data was holding them back from a true cross-channel program and chose to unify their marketing in partnership with the proven experts at Listrak.

Listrak’s cross-channel expertise and orchestration was proven during the 2022 holiday season. On Listrak’s recommendation, this retailer built a robust strategy across both SMS and email to best engage customers across the entire customer journey and stand out from the sea of holiday marketing messages. They began reaching out earlier in both channels and upped their send cadence in order to promote their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, testing varied language and offers by channel.

In the end, this approach led to higher engagement, average order value, and overall revenue compared to the previous year. In particular, they saw a 31% increase in SMS-attributed revenue YOY, showcasing the necessity of cross-channel integration.

The stellar success of the holiday season was supported by the retailer’s new baseline SMS strategy, which includes welcome and post-purchase triggered automations. They also see great engagement when using the more personalized, conversational feel of SMS to connect with loyal customers and promote their popular Facebook Live demo sessions, in which company thought leaders and special guests share their expertise.


Increase in SMS-Attributed Cyber Week Revenue YOY

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