As companies add marketing channels to their ever-expanding tech stack, many aren't aware of the problems lying beneath the surface.

See, when most companies want to add a channel, they often just bolt it onto their existing stack. At first glance, everything seems great. The patch appears to work, and everyone’s happy.  But after digging a bit deeper, the problem emerges.

The House that Disparate Data Built

Why don't bolted-on channels create the perfect solution? It’s because your company’s underlying data becomes disparate and siloed, not consolidated or unified. 

If you think of your omnichannel sales operation as a house, disparate data creates cracks in its foundation. And problems will continue to reveal themselves over time if the underlying data issues aren't resolved.  

Problems Created By Disparate Data

Working with disparate data results in a number of negative consequences for an omnichannel sales funnel. Here are six problems stemming from disparate data that may be limiting your performance goals:

  1. Identity Gaps -  Enabling zero- and first-party, cookie-less identity across all devices and channels is critical for accelerated results. Disparate data reduces your ability to identify and personalize across campaigns.
  2. Acquisition Misses - Capturing visitor contact information is essential for business growth, and communicating to those contacts in a timely manner is critical. This communication is often delayed (or not shared at all) when using multiple providers. 
  3. Attribution Duplication - When multiple vendors use a last-touch attribution model, conversions are often duplicated across channels. A single-integrated platform allows you to eliminate duplicate conversions and report with superior accuracy.
  4. Deliverability At Risk -  It is a significant detriment to your results when you can’t take advantage of the high engagement rates that your behavioral triggers provide due to deliverability issues. Unified data increases the deliverability of those ever-important trigger messages.
  5. Orchestration Failures - When campaigns are sent from disparate systems, there is an undeniable disconnect. This results in poor continuity, a disjointed customer experience, and missed revenue opportunities. 
  6. Engagement Suffers - Isolated engagement metrics limit your visibility, resulting in a missed opportunity to personalize and engage with your active subscribers

Build a Better Foundation with a Unified Platform

Disparate data can cause all kinds of problems for your organization, but fortunately, you don’t have to take a wrecking ball to your sales channels to create a solution. Like your home’s foundation, the foundation of your business can be repaired. And it starts with unifying your data.

When channels co-exist within one platform, you can take advantage of its holistic environment to create the most precise, timely, and relevant customer communications.

If you'd like to see how Listrak's unified marketing platform can increase performance through improved data flow, schedule a demo with us.

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