Prior to implementing Listrak’s Product Recommender for onsite product recommendations, IMA was manually selecting four recommendations for each product page on the IMA website. With Product Recommender,IMA can now create customized algorithms and use predictive analytics based on 360-degree customer insights to serve up personalized product recommendations relevant to each visitor.

“Previously, there was no intelligence behind our recommendations, we couldn’t track the revenue being generated by them, and we knew for a fact that products were being recommended that were no longer in stock.”– ALEX CRANMER, Vice President


International Military Antiques (IMA) was founded by Christian Cranmer in 1981. In 2004, his son Alex joined the business and, together with the help of a staff of 12, IMA has grown to become the world leader of military collectibles, military antiques and the militaria industry. IMA offers thousands of military antique items, including very rare original pieces spanning the past five centuries, as well as hard to find top quality new made reproductions. IMA has supplied the world’s foremost museums such as the National WWII Museum, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and West Point Museum, film productions such as Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers, private collectors and historical re-enactors. However, the majority of IMA customers are everyday people that share IMA’s passion for history

To-date, IMA’s Product Recommender onsite recommendations are generating 22% of IMA’s total eCommerce revenue and producing year-over-year sales increases:

IMA’s Product Recommender onsite recommendations went live at the beginning of Q4 2014, and quickly began producing results.

“The Listrak Product Recommender has been the best addition to our eCommerce strategy since migrating to Magento Enterprise four years ago.”– ALEX CRANMER


Increase in Revenue on Product Recommendations

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