GXP + Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Seamless Integration Drives Results for Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen, a Salesforce Marketing Cloud client, saw the need for a marketing solution with proven revenue results that reduced their dependency on third-party cookies, due to their inevitable demise.

With these concerns, Stonewall Kitchen selected GXP to identify anonymous users by leveraging tactics that are resilient to browser limitations. Rather than relying on third-party cookies to increase onsite and triggered metrics, GXP uses zero-and first-party data collected via server-side identity resolution marketing programs. This strategy guarantees results while maintaining respect for customer privacy.

The Results: Stonewall Kitchen has seen massive growth in triggered revenue and a quarter of their ecommerce revenue influenced by GXP all while maintaining their email program within Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Being able to vastly increase our Ecommerce revenue without leaving SFMC is huge for our business.
-Ian Marquis, Director, Ecommerce, Stonewall Kitchen


Total Ecommerce Revenue drive by GXP

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