Grommet re-engages 24% of inactive subscribers with Listrak identity solutions.

The inactive email subscriber list can be an area of frustration for any brand or retailer –all of that time and budget spent to acquire those contacts, only to have them go dark and dormant on you.  

Determined to uncover missed revenue opportunities in the email channel, Grommet enlisted Listrak’s innovative technology to identify inactive subscribers who have the highest propensity to engage, and ultimately purchase. The results were amazing with 24% of inactive contacts who quickly came back to life and re-engaged.  Grommet was thrilled and, frankly, surprised by the great results–they had previously created their own internal reactivation campaigns with only modest success.

“Listrak’s ability to accurately identify who will open and purchase is critical to list integrity. Launching without this intelligence could have caused damage and killed our deliverability during the busy holiday season. We never expected this type of success from this lapsed group.”
- Katherine Klinger, Director of Marketing, Grommet

Identity is paramount for retailers and brands for both acquisition and retention of customers.  Grommet re-engaged of their inactive list resulting in immediate, substantive revenue while providing continued growth moving forward.

“The technology is so incredible with Listrak. It’s really powerful,” said Emily Tarvin, Grommet’s Email Marketing Manager.


of inactive subscribers re-engaged

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