Client Challenge

Windsor moved to Listrak seeking a platform that provided full visibility into the entire customer journey, from email to SMS. They were also seeking unified reporting and the ability to personalize transactional emails. According to Catherine Seaton, VP of Marketing for Windsor, transactional messaging is critical to the customer and needs to be timely and flexible. “We didn’t have the ability to individualize transactional emails and there is a lot of customization you want to include in those messages.”

"The biggest thing I look for in a partner is that they evolve the technology stack.  We feel like we have a great partner in Listrak to deliver on this.”
-Catherine Seaton VP of Marketing, Windsor

The Integration

According to Seaton, The Listrak team did an incredible job understanding the requirements and managing the data transfer. “It was a seamless process. When it came time to flip the switch, it was a non-event because of the detail and advanced prep work.” It was so smooth that Windsor moved up the launch date of SMS, going live earlier than scheduled.

Listrak Results

Windsor was extremely pleased with Listrak’s implementation team and their ability to easily create marketing messages, build out key foundational trigger journeys and migrate transactional emails. Looking forward, priorities include the optimizing the digital experience by delivering a more sophisticated journey based on specific customer behavior.

Shopify+ Integration

Switching to Listrak was a "seamless process"

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