A proven approach to identifying missed opportunities to drive revenue, engagement and loyalty with customers.

Retailers are leaving money on the table with their email programs.

We’ve seen this repeatedly for several years – and still see it today. Smart retailers suffering poor results for any number of reasons and repeating the same mistakes again and again. About two years ago we decided to change our approach to talking with prospective clients.

We developed a framework that helped us demonstrate to those prospects exactly what they were missing – where their gaps were and what it was costing them in lost revenue.

We distilled the collective knowledge of Listrak’s staff who have worked across more than 1,000 retailers and brands for more than a decade.

We built an experiential research lab with dedicated laptops, mobile devices and tracking mechanisms where our business analysts could execute pre-determined “customer” behaviors intended to elicit specific responses from a target retailer.

In effect, we developed the ability to conduct an elaborate digital “mystery shop” that allows us to measure any email/cross-channel marketing program – and then pinpoint missed revenue opportunities.

And it’s worked exceedingly well.

Enter a Pandemic

Our hope is that every retailer – client or future client – survive and succeed in these unprecedented times.

Since we can’t help every retailer directly, we’ve decided to share our methodology, insights, and experience via the Revenue Gap Index℠ (or RGI). Our goal: to help you and your team pinpoint incremental revenue opportunities and drive next-level results to get you through this crisis.